Our daily lives are full of small acts of giving. From putting $10 into Santa’s bucket at Christmas to volunteering at the local soup kitchen, many people generously give their time, talent, treasures, and ties to causes they believe in. And if we could track these acts of kindness and share them within our community, we’d have the ability to reach critical mass and get others to participate too.

Client: Philanthropos
Industry: Social Good
Our role: Strategy, UX, UI, Dev
Deliverables: iOS and Android App

Philanthropos asked us to prove the idea by developing an app that engaged, educated, and encouraged everyday acts of kindness.

Identifying features that a successful MVP would require.

Facing a tight deadline of two months, our cross-functional team of designers, strategists, and developers took the concept of the Philanthropi app from paper to screen.

Using a process of elimination, we identified the needs of the client and determined the features that a successful MVP would require. Based on data collected through user interviews, we established three key pillars to guide the user experience:

Track your

View your

Connect with
your community

By embracing AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure and offerings, we were able to rapidly deliver a highly scalable back-end to power our mobile application. The mobile app was developed in React Native, which allowed us to deliver both Android and iOS apps within the tight deadline.

To promote engagement on the app, we built a gamified experience that rewarded participation. Through our work, we celebrated the fact that philanthropy is driven by the daily actions of individuals.

Our work helped Philanthropos prove the merit of their concept and raise funding to grow the project further.

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