With its spirited growth in recent years, international agricultural company AGI had far outgrown its digital presence. Our key task was to develop a new website that united the company’s enterprise marketing vision with a powerful, new content management system and a consistent, company-wide content development process.

Client: AGI
Industry: Agriculture Technology
Our role: Strategy, UX, UI, Dev
Deliverables: Website platform
A fully responsive website.

Our challenge was four-fold:


Unify the company’s splintered corporate site and 37 sub-brand sites into a flexible, expandable, fast, and mobile responsive master website.


Create a single solution to satisfy the needs of a wide range of audiences, including small to commercial farmers, food industry enterprises, investors, and potential employees.


Integrate a cost-effective content management system to accommodate multiple languages, regions, and content authors.


Throughout the user experience, seamlessly weave the company’s new enterprise marketing vision: 5 Platforms, 6 Continents, 7 Components.

Using a multi-dimensional, phased approach, our user experience, content, design, and technology teams collaborated on a robust solution for AGI.

Storyboard and UX

Art Direction and UI

3D Modelling


User Experience

A streamlined information architecture, based on findings from a customer journey mapping exercise, supports the amalgamation of numerous diverse content sources into one site, and resonates with our audiences’ ‘moments of truth’. A templated approach enables new content to be added easily by non-technical content authors.

Streamlining complex information architecture across dozens of screens.

User Interface Design

An updated and refreshed visual design modernizes the graphic elements, uses vivid photography to showcase products, and incorporates 3D model flyovers to demonstrate AGI’s innovative enterprise service offerings.

Refreshed visual design.



Mobile view.

3D Models.


Design System.

Back End Technology

Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud content management system supports the unique requirements of the new website, some of which include accommodating other apps and tools within the AGI digital ecosystem and acting as a master repository for content in all languages and regions.

Front End Technology

A diverse array of page templates and reusable content blocks built within the Episerver framework bring the design vision to life, and is highlighted by the unique, industry-first, custom 3D flyover experience on the home page.

Diverse array of page templates and reusable content blocks.


Two months post-launch, organic site traffic and performance has improved greatly:


Engagements with the 3D model experience.


Increase in page views.


Increase in average time spent on the site on a desktop.


Increase in average time spent on the site on mobile.


Increase in time spent on the home page.


Reduction in bounce rate on mobile.

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