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Background and challenge

Data is an integral part of any farm operation, and it is especially valuable for farmers. Historical data can help farmers make better decisions and impact the profitability of their operations. Yet very few farmers actually keep track of the data generated by their farms. Most of the data resides in physical notepads, while a minority of tech-savvy producers (10% in Canada and 44% in the US) use spreadsheets or other non-intuitive digital products.

Client: AGI
Industry: Agriculture Technology
Our role: Strategy, UX, UI, Dev
Deliverables: Web Based Application
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AGI Grow promotional video.

Although many companies have tried to create a data management solutions for producers, no one has been successful in creating a holistic and easy-to-use system that is personalized to a farmer’s needs. AGI, a global leader in the planning, engineering, and manufacturing of agriculture solutions and systems, remedied this by developing AGI GROW.

AGI Grow mobile interface.


To build AGI GROW, we started by talking to the intended audience of the product through focus groups and interviews. Using an innovative process to convert qualitative data into quantitative data, we were able to map the customer journey and recognize the pain points of the farmers. We learned farmers needed a technology solution that was simple to use but performed multiple functions across four key areas of seed, grow, manage, and market. 

Next, we drilled into the competitive landscape and looked at farm technology products currently available in the market. By comparing the farmers’ needs with key gaps in competitive offerings, we identified a robust feature set that became the backbone of AGI GROW.

AGI Grow desktop interface.


We leveraged a design language that combined classic design principles of simplicity and intentionality to develop a single, underlying system and a unified experience across platforms.

Simplicity helped us subtract the obvious and add the meaningful to our design while intentionality helped us emphasize core user functionality.

Drawing the field.


Our research findings highlighted four areas where we could compete effectively and deliver value to the farmers:


  • Field and crop data collection and organization
  • Activity logging and tracking
  • Contract monitoring
  • Storage monitoring

We used React to bring the product alive. AWS Appsync provided us with a compelling set of tools and technologies to streamline development and provide scalability and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging the AWS Amplify library, we were able to deliver a sophisticated feature set, including off-line support, a full GraphQL API, and an extendable backend at a very fast pace. This was combined with our design aesthetics and presented via a simple yet effective dashboard that allowed farmers to visualize their performance.

AGI Grow mobile interface.
AGI Grow dashboard.


Within 2 months of launch, AGI Grow has been used by over 300+ grain farms across North America. For more information please visit

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