Every year, we take this time to celebrate our community with a holiday gift. This time around, we’re doing something a bit different and saying thanks with a Gift for Good.

On November 7th, Apply’s Vancouver and Toronto offices joined forces in a Hackathon for Good. Eleven teams came together in a race against time for one common goal- to create a digital product designed for a tangible social impact.

In the end, the Immies team from Apply’s Vancouver office presented one idea that stood out from all the rest- a digital product that supports immigrant women seeking employment.

This holiday season, we’re bringing this idea to life as a digital product gifted to the Pacific Immigrant Resource Society’s (PIRS) Pop-Up Child Care Program, and are naming our friends as honourary contributors to this Gift for Good.


The Immies’ winning idea was inspired by a conversation with Martha Scully, the Social Enterprise Manager at PIRS. Martha let the team know about an initiative that could greatly benefit from better digital support- the Pop-Up Child Care program.

Currently, booking for this mobile child care program is bulky and must be completed over the phone. The Immies envisioned a digital product that would streamline and allow this process to happen entirely online, and help the program grow over time.

In 2020, Apply will make this digital dream a reality and gift the Pop-Up Child Care program a digital solution free of cost. This is only possible because of the support of our friends, and we’re proud to name them as honourary contributors.


A social enterprise launched by PIRS, the Pop-Up Child Care program provides low-cost child care to immigrant women at settlement services, non-profits, events, and job sites. It also supports and guides newcomer women through professional education development and offers them employment in an environment that values integrity, respect, and provides a living wage.

We’re exicted to help welcome immigrant women to Canada. If you’re looking to make a bigger impact, please join us in raising funds for this incredible program.

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