Apply Digital Develops Digital Platform for Argo, the First Mining-as-a-Service Provider Listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Today, Apply Digital, a digital product studio that plans, designs and builds smart digital products, announced its ongoing partnership with Argo (ARB.L), the first cryptomining company listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to radically simplify cryptomining for the masses.

Apply Digital designed and developed Argo’s digital product to remove the complexity and learning curve required to participate in mining cryptocurrency, as well as ensure the platform exceeds all regulatory requirements. End users now get all the benefits of Argo’s cutting-edge mining rigs, which seamlessly perform complex cryptomining operations for its users.

Cryptomining is a process where people are rewarded with cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and other coins in exchange for providing the computing power needed to maintain the cryptocurrency network. For many people, the concept of cryptocurrencies and cryptomining in particular is considered too complex, leaving them on the sidelines of a potentially lucrative opportunity. Through Argo, customers can set up a cryptomining account with just a click of a button, select which coin(s) they want to mine, and receive payment directly to a digital wallet.

“Using customer insights and fact-based design, we have broken down the pain points in traditional cryptocurrency interfaces to ensure anyone can quickly and easily begin cryptomining, monitor their account activity, and securely receive coins,” said Scott Michaels, Chief Strategist at Apply Digital.

To achieve listing on the LSE, it was critical that Argo’s platform comply with all regulatory requirements, the General Data and Privacy Regulation (GDPR), and the UK Listing Authority. This presented the Apply Digital team with a unique challenge – given Argo is the first mining-as-a-service provider to be listed on the LSE.

“Argo exists to provide a service for everyone, especially those that hold no cryptocurrency today, to participate in the tremendous growth of cryptomining worldwide,” said Jonathan Bixby, CEO of Argo. “The team at Apply Digital has helped us achieve this vision by delivering a user-focused experience that cuts through the complexity of cryptomining for our customers, while creating a platform that meets the ever-shifting regulatory framework required as a newly-listed public company.”


About Argo

Argo is bringing cryptocurrency mining to the masses. Just sign up online, select your coin and then Argo will do all the work for you. Subscribers are billed monthly, making it as easy as your favourite streaming service. Argo subscribers get the benefits of cryptocurrency mining without expensive hardware or large electricity bills. Say hello to the future. Learn more:


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